Research Society



Definition of the Research Community

The Society aims to introduce the Gazi University Department of Labor Economics and Industrial Relations to the working life and to provide panels, conferences, symposiums, occupational trips etc. for the students of the Labor Economics and Industrial Relations Department. It also aims to provide practical opportunities for students to gain practical knowledge as well as theoretical knowledge.


Academic Advisor to the Community

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yücel UYANIK  


Main Objectives of  The Labor Economics Research Community (ÇEKAT)

To establish communication for students with the professions they will deal with when they graduate, to ensure that the students establish relationships with the unions such as trade unions, public institutions, private sector organizations and non-governmental organizations, to introduce the Discipline of Labor Economics and Industrial Relations to these institutions and to ensure that they have an idea on this issue.


Community Head

Emine ONUR



The Aims of the Community

-To provide communication and interaction between the students studying in GAZI University's Labor Economics and Industrial Relations Department, between our students and students of other department, and between our students and our university

- To create a platform in which the various requests, demands, expectations and complaints of the students of the department can be expressed

-  To introduce students to the Department of Labor Economics and Industrial Relations and  working areas and working life

-To organize social and cultural activities that enhance the knowledge, experience and experience of the students, apart from the lessons

- To provide institutional communication, interaction and cooperation with Gazi University's Labor Economics and Industrial Relations Department and to provide communication between the students and public institutions, industrial relations parties and working life dynamics

-To connect the theoretical knowledge learned by the students with the daily practices of the working life and to create an opportunity for internship with the students

- To engage in press and publication activities to provide interested students with up-to-date information

- To conduct promotional activities and to cooperate in order to provide easy and efficient employment in the sectors where the graduates of our department are  working


Key Features of the Labor Economics and Industrial Relations Research Community (ÇEKAT)

- It is the oldest student community of Turkey and the first student community of our faculty.

- It is the first student group established in our country in the history of  Higher Education Council (YÖK) and the Higher Education Council has accepted its regulation as the "model regulation for student communities".

- It is a model for many students community established after 1990 with the election of representatives from each of the classes on a departmental basis. This organization model is based on the election of the board of directors and the principle of working together with it.

-Since 1990, we have received many awards and honorary certificates from trade unions, public institutions, non-governmental organizations and universities.

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