Department of Labour Economics and Industrial Relations

Our program does not only provide students with fundamental concepts in Labour Economics and Industrial Relations but also gives them opportunity to do research about social and economic issues with regards to the working life. Hence, the department aims to analyze the problems of working life as well as related public policies by utilizing social sciences such as economics, sociology, psychology, law and public administration. Consequently, our main area of teaching concentrates on issues of social policy, labour markets, supply of labour, employment and unemployment. Our department aims to merge various theories with the practical skills in orderto find solutions to the current problems of industrial relations and employment. Our graduates have the opportunity to work in both public and private sectors. Some of our graduates' work titles include trade union specialist, bank auditor, social services inspector and administrative-law judge. * Our department also provides students with the opportunity to have Minor and Double Degrees with any chosen faculty departments apart from the Department of Public Finance.